Social-Mobile Marketing in 2013

By Barrett Goetz, March 4, 2013



Last week eMarketer held a webinar titled Social Media Marketing on Mobile Devices. I try to attend as many free webinars from data companies and media platforms as I can (usually whilst grubbing on my lunch). This one was particularly interesting and useful because it featured a lot of hard data, something that many of the webinars I attend lack (particularly when focused on social trends; the content is very qualitative and 101). Anyway, probably the biggest takeaway is just the ever-increasing volume of users who are ONLY engaging in social channels via their smartphone, tablet or both. In Q3 of 2012 there 126 million mobile-ONLY Facebook users; in Q4 that shot up to 157 million. That’s a pretty massive spike in user engagement over just one fiscal quarter, a trend that Zuck & Co. are trying to capitalize on for marketers with the increasing emphasis on their mobile advertising products.


The webinar covered user engagement and data trends on the other “Big Boys” in the social space (Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc.), which was incredibly useful. You can view the entire presentation below.



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